St Mary’s Playgroup is a well established nursery that has been open for over forty years. It has been in many locations but now runs from the grounds with St Mary’s Church of England Primary School.  We provide high quality care for 2 to 5 year olds during the school day as well as wrap around care for them and the children at the school. This is provided in one main room with separate cloak room, office and toilets. There is also a segregated section within the room that contains the cooking facilities.

Our Mission Statement:

To advance the development & education of children under statutory school age by:

  • Providing a parent-involving, community based playgroup

  • Providing a safe, secure & stimulating environment

  • Working within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children & families

  • Encouraging charitable activities through which parents may help the children

We are Ofsted registered (Office For Standards in Education) and are regularly checked my their inspectors. A copy of their most recent report is on display at the playgroup and can be downloaded from the links web page. At this inspection we received an overall of good with one area as outstanding. This is amazing news for the playgroup and all staff, committee and parents were thrilled by the news. We are also affiliated to the Pre-School Learning Alliance. This means we have to reach exceptional standards for the playgroup.

As you may not be aware we are also charity based and our registered charity number is 1000832. Due to this we rely on having a committee, which is run by the parents. However there is also other ways for you to get involved if you cannot be a member of committee.